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Profile of the company Gansa a.s.

The business division of the holding GANSA a.s. now operates mainly in the field of cosmetic products, cooperating with the leading Czech manufacturer of cosmetics, the company Dermacol. Our company focuses its distribution activities on wholesale customers in various countries.

The Czech cosmetics Dermacol, which originated in the 1960s, is also enormously successful abroad. It came into existence due to the cooperation of film make-up artists and dermatologists from the Institute of Medical Cosmetics in Prague and we are trying to espouse its philosophy. The basis of this philosophy is an effort to ensure that all female consumers feel and look better.


Clinical tests were performed with all Dermacol products under strict supervision of the National Health Institute in Prague. The tests are obviously conducted in accordance with EU legislative standards. None of Dermacol final products has been tested on animals.


Dermacol products contain active substances that were specially made in the Czech Republic, but also in Italy, Spain, Germany, France and Japan. As the first one in Europe, the company Dermacol launched covering make-up, which is still the leading product of the company and a very popular product with the consumers.